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I hate hospitals. 

I was sitting outside of Tia’s room as they pumped her stomach. I cant believe she tried to kill herself. I cant come to the facet that i might not have been able see her beautiful face again. I wiped the last tears that i was gonna cry off my face as i leaned back in the chair. It was late and i was tired as hell. Just as i was about to close my eyes the doctor came in the room. 

"You can see her now." She said with a small smile. I nodded and got up grabbing my phone. I called Breezy like 30 mintues ago. HE should be on his way. 

I walked in the room to see her sitting up. She looked tired. She looked at me and instantly started crying. I sighed and walked over to her sitting on her bed and placing her head on my chest as i kissed her hair. I love this girl. 

"God Tia your so stupid." I said through the few tears that fell. I held her tight in my arms as she sobbed. 

"How could you do that baby. Why you trying to leave me." I asked softly while pulling back looking at her. She sniffled and stroked my cheek. She didn’t say anything. All she did was cry. She placed her lips on mines as i pulled her closer to me. 

"What the fuck you doing nigga." I pulled away to see breezy standing at the doorway with Crys. I looked at her and her face was fucked up. 

"Crys what the fuck happen to yo face." i spat while walking to her. Breezy pushed me back.

"None of yo fucking business why the fuck you kissing my baby sister." He spat while mugging me. 

"Man ii aint got time for this shit. Crys this nigga hit you." I asked while trying to move closer. Before she could say anything Breezy spoke. 

"Fuck i look like hitting her nigga she fucking pregnant."

"Man im tired of you talking all this shit. Shut the fuck up nigga." I spat while mugging him as i stepped to him. He chuckled bitterly and shook his head. 

"ill fuck you up nigga i swear." He gritted while licking his lips. Crys touched his arm.

"Chris stop." She mumbled. He just pushed her hand off him. 

"Man fuck this shit. Get the fuck off me Crys." He looked at Tia.

"You trying to leave me alone. You want me to be alone huh?" He spat coldly at her making her cry. 

"You aint shit Tia." He said before walking out the door. Crys sighed and turned to go after him. 

"Crys." I called after her. She turned and looked at me. 

"Who did that to your face."

She sighed.

"We’ll talk later." With that she walked out the door.


I walked out the room trying to find Chris. He was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. I sighed and walked over to him wrapping my arms around his torso. He opened his eyes and looked down at me but kept his hands at his sides. I licked my lips and laid my head on his chest. 

"Calm down Chris." I mumbled. 

"Shut the fuck up talking to me Crys." he mumbled. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I pulled back and looked at him. His eyes was still closed. 

"Whats with the attitude Chris." I said softly. I didnt feel like fighting. I was too tired. 

"Look i just dont wanna hear your fucking voice." He snapped while pushing me away. I dont know what the fuck was wrong with him. The doctor came out and looked around. 

"Anybody here for Tia Brown." He said while looking around. Chris leaned up straight.

"Right here." He said. The Doctor approached us and gave us a slight smile. 

"Um well Tia tried to commit suicide."

"No Shit." He mumbled. i just glared at him and he glared at me back. I rolled my eyes. He was pissing me off. 

"Well we were thinking of putting her in to A mental ward. She’s ill and she needs help."

"hell naw my fucking sister aint crazy." Chris spat while shaking his head. He was getting red and shaking. 

"Sir she needs help."

"No she aint going no fucking where but my damn house and thats finial." He spat while walking away. I gave the doctor a apologetic smile and ran after Chris. 

"Where are you going." I asked trying to catch up to him. He was walking fast as fuck. 

"Chris i know you fucking here me." I screamed while he came to a stop. He glared at me. 

"What Crys im fucking leaving." He spat. I couldnt say anything. My tears was already forming. 

"What you mean leaving."

He sighed and rubbed his hand down his face. 

"I gotta go man, I cant fucking be here."

"So you’re leaving me … Us." I spat while holding my stomach. He looked down at my stomach and rubbed it. I just smacked his hand away. 

"No You wanna walk out of your child’s life because of what Chris."  By now the tears were coming. Chris sighed and licked his lips as he placed his hands on top of his head.

"Man fuck this, I gotta go Crys." He started walking away but i ran after him pulling his arm but he kept walking.

"You was the main one telling me how much you cant wait to have this child. You say you wanted to be in it’s life but now you leaving. Fuck you Chris."

He yanked his arm away from me almost making me fall as he got in Ty’s car slamming the door. He said something to Tyga and they drove off into the night leaving me there crying. 


How did i find myself here. 

I walked up the steps slowly. So much shit was happening at this point. I knocked on the door and waited. A couple minutes later she opened and rolled her eyes. 

"Why are you here Breezy." 

I chuckled a little before licking my lips and looking at the curves of her body. 

"I need somebody to talk to." I admitted. She sighed and stepped aside so i could come in. When i stepped foot inside so many memories came back. I never thought i’ll be here again. 

"Come on." She mumbled while leading the way to her room. I followed and it looked the same. She looked cute since the last time i saw her. She dyed her hair blond which was a good look for her. 

"You look nice Maria.” I said as i watched her sit on the bed. She nodded and motioned for me to sit. 

"What do you want Breezy." She said while licking her lips. I dont even know why im here but i wanted to be. I chuckled a little and sat on the bed.

"I want you." I mumbled while pulling her to me. She sighed and bit her lip as i started kissing her neck. I dont know what’s going on but i wanted her, i needed her. I grabbed her chin so she was looking at me and kissed her lips softly while making her straddle my lap. We shared a deep tender kiss but she pulled away. 

"Did your girl leave you." She asked against my lips while biting the bottom one. I chuckled and shook my head. 

"No." I pulled her back into the kiss as my hands traveled down to her ass squeezing it in my hands. My dick was hard and her pussy was wet because my hand was in her panties as my fingers played in her wetness. 

"You gone fuck me." She mumbled in a sexy tone in my ear as she sucked on my neck. I bit my bottom lips and pushed her on the bed getting between her legs pushing my dick against her. 

"Hell Yea baby." 

It was true. I was gonna fuck the shit out of her. I wanted her. It was like she was the only one that knew the real me.